My story

I see you, I feel you, I hear you: I’ve been there myself

People frequently used to comment on how competent I was. I never seemed flustered and effortlessly managed to juggle every conceivable plate in the crockery cupboard.

But …

I was struggling – numerous health issues, a miscarriage and two later term losses, a newborn, travelling most weekends to complete my nutrition studies, being on the parents’ group at school, endless entertaining … throw in middle age and being a bloody perfectionist – things were starting to wobble. I was a walking disaster of brain fog, aches and pains, zero energy and chronic stress.

I felt like I never achieved anything, even though every day was non-stop and taking a moment for myself was an impossibility. 

However, the more the compliments rolled in, the more I persisted. I felt this was what I had to do – this was my role.

We are often blinded when it comes to ourselves. What drives us to seek fulfilment or validation can be rooted in so many different life experiences. That was me, 100% (Belief Coding® has shown me this).

My nutritional therapy studies kicked off my healing journey …

I started making little changes – across all areas of my life. Slowly, the haze began to clear and the aches got less. Then I learned a little more – and I loved myself a little more. I added some more tools – and the good days began to outweigh the bad. 

My biggest learning: Every small change you make, leads to another. The positive effects on your wellbeing and vitality are cumulative.

This journey has ignited a passion in me to help others to be the version of themselves they desire. To show them it is possible. And it doesn’t have to be difficult or driven by lack.

I want to live a long and healthy life, for and with my family. I want that for you too.